CommPortal Audio Files

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If your CTS phone system utilizes premium voicemail or auto attendants, you will have recordings that need to be created. You have the option to record these items over the phone, directly into the system, but you are also offered the option to upload a file via the CommPortal. In order to be accepted by the system, your uploaded file must be in the correct format.

Record Over the Phone

You will have been given instructions from your VoIP Specialist that included the login information. You will dial into the voicemail system and use the PIN provided. The navigation in the TUI will depend on which kind of thing you are recording. Follow the prompts to record what you need to record.

Upload a File


Screenshot from a Premium Attendant. Uploading an audio file to an announcement. Hovering over the question mark offers you the specifications.

The system tells you what format the file needs to be in order to upload it.

Valid formats are G711 WAV (8-bit, ulaw / alaw, mono, 8kHz), 16-bit PCM WAV (16-bit, PCM, mono, 16kHz). Announcements must be at most 120 seconds long.

Even knowing these specifications, it is sometimes difficult to get everything set correctly for your audio file. In our experience, it has been easier to successfully create the file with the second option: 16-bit, PCM, mono, 16kHz.

If you attempt to upload a file that does not fit the specifications, it will give you the following alert:

The file uploaded failed, either because it is corrupt or an invalid format. Supported codecs are: G7111 WAV (8-bit, ulaw / alaw, mono, 8kHz), 16-bit, PCM, mono, 16kHz).

Screenshot from Adobe Audition during a file export.

Export Example

We have successfully created and edited audio files using Adobe Audition. Here are the settings that were utilized to ensure a successful upload.

  • Format: libsndfile (which includes *.wav) (Note: there is a Wave PCM option that includes *.wav, but that option has not been successful for us.)
  • Sample Type:
    • Sample Rate: 16000 Hz
    • Channels: Mono
    • Bit Depth: 16 bits
  • Format Settings:
    • Format: Waveform Audio
    • Encoding: 16-bit PCM

Where to Upload in CommPortal

Log in to your CommPortal at or use your downloaded application, CommPortal Assistant.

  • Premium Attendant: Click on Announcements. Add New Announcement if one has not been created yet. Once the announcement is created, click on the number, name, or description to open the window. In the dropdown that, by default, says Record / Play Announcement, select Upload announcement. Click Choose File, navigate to your file, and click Open. Click Upload.
  • Easy Attendant: Go to the menu for which you need to upload the announcement. Click on record on the right side. Click Upload announcement. Click Choose File, navigate to your file, and click Open. Click Upload. Hit Add. Then hit Apply.
  • Premium Voicemail: Click on the Message Settings bubble at the bottom. Open the Voicemail Greeting dropdown. Select Personal in the greeting dropdown if you are uploading your normal, everyday greeting. Select Extended Absence from the greeting dropdown if you are uploading a vacation or holiday greeting. When you've selected the appropriate greeting, click record. Click Upload Greeting. Click Choose File, navigate to your file, and click Open. Click Upload. Hit Save. Then hit Apply.