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Subscribers who have Premium voicemail have access to the CommPortal. There are a number of features available within this tool. One feature is the ability store contacts in your CommPortal. The screenshots shown may vary from what you see within your own CommPortal as features may differ from subscriber to subscriber.

If you have Premium voicemail and need assistance accessing it, contact our Service Operations department at 269-746-4411.


If you already have contacts in your CommPortal and you'd like to export them, click on the Contacts tab. Along the bottom, you will see an Export All button. A window will open asking what format you'd like to export to. You can choose a format that is compatible with Outlook, or simply choose Native Format" to get an csv Excel file.

It is helpful to do this export if you are planning to import contacts in. That way, you can ensure that your contacts are in the correct format to import.

Add Contacts


From the contact tab, click the New Contact button at the bottom left corner. Fill out whatever information is applicable to your contact. When finished, click the Save button at the lower right.


Recommended: To make it easier to import contacts, go through the export process first. To do so, you will need to have at least one contact entered. Once you export that file, you will have the Excel file to use as a template. You don't need to fill out information in every column.

Possible columns to use (column headers must have these exact names but you do not need to use all of them):

Column Header Example (for formatting)
First Name John
Last Name Smith
Nickname Johnny
Home Street 123 Main St
Home Locality Kalamazoo
Home Region MI
Home PCode 49009
Home Ctry USA
Work Street Same formatting as above, but for work
Work Locality
Work Region
Work PCode
Work Ctry
Home Tel (555) 555 5555
Work Tel
Cell Tel
Fax Tel
Other Tel
Email 1
Email 2
Pref Email 0 for Email 1 or 1 for Email 2
Title Sales
Orgname Company Name
SMS 5555555555

Remove Contacts


Click the checkbox next to the contact you would like do remove. A delete button appears in the lower right corner.

You could click the box next to multiple contacts and delete in small groups as well.

Delete All

Click the checkbox next to the search box at the top of the contact list. That will check the box of every contact. You can click the delete button in the lower right to delete all of them simultaneously. If there are some contacts you don't want to delete as a part of the whole list, you could uncheck their boxes prior to hitting the delete button.