Ctsmail.net Thunderbird Setup Instructions

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This is a step-by-step guide on how to setup your ctsmail.net email account in Mozilla Thunderbird. Mozilla Thunderbird is available for download free of charge as it is open source software.

System Requirements

  • Operating System Version: Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
  • Thunderbird Install version: Latest version; 52 or greater.

Instructions: Existing Email Setup

This instruction set is for existing customers that are part of the cutover on May 14th, 2018. Use these instructions if you were using Thunderbird prior to our cutover and need to just update your Thunderbird with the new server information.

  1. Open Thunderbird.
  2. Right click on your your email address in the left-hand part of the window.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Double click Server Settings.
  5. Change the following settings:
    • Server name = mail.ctsmail.net
    • port = 995
    • connection security = SSL/TLS
    • authentication method = Normal password
  6. Double click on "Outgoing Server SMTP".
  7. Click on your ctsmail.net account.
  8. Click Edit.
  9. Change the following settings:
    • port = 587
    • Connection security = STARTTLS
    • authentication method = Normal password
  10. Click OK.

Instructions: New Email Setup

Use these instructions if you have never used Thunderbird before and want to now use Thunderbird to access your email.

  1. Download and Install Thunderbird.
    • Skip step 1 if Thunderbird is already installed.
  2. Open Thunderbird.
  3. Under Create a new account, click Email.
  4. In the Welcome to Thunderbird pop-up window, click Skip this and use my existing email.
  5. Fill out the following information:
    • Your Name = Full Name
    • Email Address = Full email address (e.g. test@ctsmail.net)
    • Password = your password
    • Check the box for Remember password.
  6. Click Continue.
    • Setup will go through an ISP look up
  7. Click Manual config.
  8. Change Settings to the following:
    • Incoming Settings
      • POP3
      • Server Hostname = mail.ctsmail.net
      • Port = 995
      • SSL = SSL/TLS
      • Authentication = Encrpyted password
    • Outgoing Settings
      • SMTP = mail.ctsmail.net
      • Port = 587
      • SSL = STARTTLS
      • Authentication = Encrypted password
    • Username
      • Incoming = full email (e.g. test@ctsmail.net)
      • Outgoing = full email (e.g. test@ctsmail.net)
  9. Click Done.