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Tools > Options > Audio

The MaX UC Desktop app for your computer requires you to input what devices you're using for both your microphone and speakers. A laptop computer will often have built-in audio devices while a desktop computer often requires a connection to a headset or desktop microphone, either via an audio jack, USB, or Bluetooth.

Accessing Audio Settings

Once you have successfully connected your audio device(s) to your laptop or desktop computer, you need to tell MaX UC to utilize them. In the MaX UC Desktop app, click on Tools, and choose Options. Within the window that pops up, select Audio.

In this window, you will see three rows: one for the Microphone volumes, one for the In-Call Audio, and one for Notifications. Each function has a dropdown where you can choose the device you'd like to use.

Your connected devices will display in the dropdowns.

Options that are greyed out are devices that you have had connected to your computer in the past but are not currently active. Any other options in the list can be selected to be used for each function.

Testing Audio Devices

Once you've selected your desired device, you can also test each function as well. For the microphone, even outside of a test, you should see a blue bar flash with your voice or any noises the microphone picks up. To do an official test, click Test Mic. Start speaking. You'll see that the button you just clicked is filling in with your progress in the test. Once it reaches the end of its recording time, it will play back what it heard. You'll be able to tell if your voice would have been too loud or too quiet to someone on the other end.

To test In-Call Audio and Notifications, hit the blue "play" button next to each of those rows. It will play a ringtone as an example.

In each of the rows, you can adjust the volume using the sliders.

The last setting in this window refers to being able to use physical buttons on a Jabra or Plantronics headset to control calls.

Compatible Devices

While the settings page does mention that Jabra and Plantronics headsets can control certain call functions, those are not the only devices that work with MaX UC. Regardless of what device you use, all controls will be available on your computer screen.

As long as the device is compatible with your computer, it can be used with MaX UC. Please refer to your device specifications on compatibility with your particular computer.

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