MaX UC and Zoom OnHold Interaction

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When you are in a Zoom meeting and you receive a call and desire to answer the call using your MaX UC desktop application you may experience issues with your Audio (especially your microphone's audio) being broadcast to the Zoom meeting participants. In order to prevent this make sure you disconnect you Zoom audio connection.

If you need to leave a Zoom meeting and answer a telephone call (MaX UC desktop),

  1. Select the carrot symbol next to mute/mic and select leave computer audio…
    • Zoom Mute - Leave Computer Audio
  2. Answer your Max UC client call
  3. After call completion, go back to your Zoom meeting and select the Join Audio Icon…
    • Zoom Re-Join Audio
  4. You will get the same option that you see when you first joined the meeting…join the audio again and start speaking.
    • Zoom Join with Computer Audio