Spam Filter Upgrade

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The spam filter utilized by your email account is set to be upgraded in July 2018. This will affect all email customers & customers of spam filtering on the network.



Previous to the upgrade, when spam email messages were detected by this filter, you would receive a Spam Quarantine Summary email. That email would look like what you see in the image to the right. You then had your choice of a number of Actions, including to deliver the message, whitelist the sender, delete the email, or view the email.

When you clicked a given action, it opened a browser window, automatically logged you into the spam filter, and performed the indicated action.

Moving forward, to increase security, when you receive those Spam Quarantine Summary emails, you will click on the appropriate Action, the browser window will open, but it will require you to manually log into the spam filter.

Updating Your Password

When you first received your email account, one of the first emails you received was from the spam filter to set up your password. If you do not know what your current spam filter password is, follow the steps below to receive a new password.

  1. Open your preferred browser.
  2. Go to the Email Security Gateway. You should see the screen shown in the picture below.
    • BarracudaUpgrade1.JPG
  3. Type your full email in the Username field. Then click the Create New Password button at the bottom of the login window.
    • BarracudaUpgrade2generic.JPG
  4. The screen will tell you Password Sent in red text.
    • BarracudaUpgrade3.JPG
  5. Check your email for an email with the subject line of User Quarantine Account Information. Within that email, you will see your new password you should use moving forward. Be sure to store this password securely for future use.