VPNFilter Malware Threat

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NEWS ALERT - 5/30/18

Due to the current VPNFilter Malware threat, we would like any customers using a CTS provided Linksys/Cisco E1200 wireless router to inform us so that we may update or replace it.

It would look very similar to the image below and may say Cisco or Linksys on it:


At this time, no other routers provided by CTS appear to have been affected, however, you may want to reboot (power-cycle) your router as an extra precaution.

***IMPORTANT*** DO NOT "RESET" your router by pressing the small button that requires a paperclip or pen to push. This will factory default your router which clears all settings and configuration. Simply turn the router off for at least a few seconds and then back on by either unplugging it and plugging it back in or using the power button if equipped.

For more information on the VPNFilter Malware Threat you can go to: