Account Codes for International Dialing

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By default, international calls are barred on all CTS subscriber phone lines. To enable international dialing for your phone lines, an authorized contact from your company for your CTS account will need to contact the CTS Service Operations department. The CTS Service Operations Specialist may recommend Account Codes to ensure a greater level of security for your company. Account codes can be utilized when making international calls to add a level of safety against potential fraud.

Your Account Code

An account code will be assigned by an administrator of your company and implemented in the CTS system. Usually, this code is 4 or 5 digits.

What to Dial

To make an international call, begin dialing the way you would dial any other call. If you need to dial a certain key for an outside line (ex: 9 or 8), dial that, the US exit code, the country code, and the phone number. After you have dialed the phone number, you will hear a new dialtone. This is the sign that your system is waiting for you to type your company's account code. After you type the code accurately, there will be a brief pause before the call starts to ring. To shorten that wait time, press # after the account code to signal to the system that you are done typing.

Dialing International Calls
Outside Line US Exit Code Country Code Telephone Number Listen for dialtone, then: Account Code
If you dial a code for an outside line from your phone system, dial it first. 011 This code depends on the country which you are calling. The telephone number of the person you are calling. The system is signaling that it is ready for your Account Code. Enter your Account Code, followed by #.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact CTS at 269-746-4411 or