Combining Multiple CTS Accounts into One eBill Login

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You may be responsible for more than one CTS account. To make this process easier, you can combine all of the accounts you manage into one eBill login.

Existing Online Billing Logins

If you already have separate logins for your CTS accounts, you will have to have a CTS Service Operations Specialist delete logins on your secondary accounts so that you can link all of your accounts under the same login. Contact CTS by calling or 269-746-4411 or emailing

Manage Account

Log into your primary eBill account by going to and clicking on MyCTS and going to billing. Enter your login information.

Once logged in, at the bottom of the left side under Account, select Settings.

The screen will ask that you enter the invoice number and amount due from your most recent statement for your secondary account. Click Add Account.

If correct, it will state Account was successfully added. If you have additional accounts to link, repeat the previous steps.

If there are any errors, contact CTS by calling 269-746-4411 or emailing