CommPortal Assistant Voicemail Playback

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Options for Listening to Voicemails

Due to the Adobe Flash Player end of life at the beginning of 2021, CommPortal Assistant has been redesigned. The manner in which it formerly was able to play WAV files within the application no longer functions.

You have a few choices in moving forward to listen to your messages as a Premium Voicemail subscriber.

Call in Over the Phone

You can press the voicemail button on your desk phone, or dial *98 from your desk phone, or dial 438-9220 from any phone to access the voicemail system. You will need your voicemail PIN (usually 4 digits) to access the voicemail box.

Use CommPortal Web

CommPortal Web will allow you to listen to your messages. Go to Use your login credentials including telephone number and password (at least 10 characters using numbers, letters, and symbols) and use the web version the same way you would have used the application to play messages.

Have Voicemails Emailed to You

In your CommPortal, you can choose to have voicemails forwarded to you as an email. Go into your CommPortal, click on Message Settings, check the box that says Forward messages as emails, then click to enter in your email address(es). You may enter up to five email addresses.

There is a checkbox that says Leave Original in Inbox. This is an option for you. If selected, you will get an emailed copy and a copy of the voicemail will remain in your inbox to be retrieved over the phone or through the CommPortal. This is a nice backup in case there is something wrong with your email. Additionally, leaving a copy in the inbox will trigger your Message Waiting Indicator light on your desk phone. However, you will need to clear out your inbox occasionally. Your voicemail inbox will be full when there are 50 messages. If the Leave Original in Inbox is unchecked, the only place you will be able to listen to your voicemails is through your email. Choose the option that is best for your workflow.

Using the Default Media Player on your PC

If you click the play button next to a voicemail in your CommPortal Assistant, you should now see a popup window that states the following:

Voicemail Player Not Supported: You are currently not able to play audio because this application doesn't support it. Please click here to log in to CommPortal and access this feature using the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. If you do not wish to do so, you can download a file with the message contents and listen to it using your media player. Do you wish to download this message to your computer?

If you click yes, you will then be asked if you want to open or to save the file; choose Open. That will open the file in your default media player.

Examples of default media players include Windows Media Player, Groove Music, and VLC Media Player. If you are not sure what your default media player is, find an audio file saved to your PC, right click, and select Open With and then select Choose another app. A window will open and let you know what your current default is at the top, but you can also look for other apps. There is a checkbox at the bottom of the window that offers you the option to Always use this app to open .wav files, which changes your default media player to what you have selected.