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CTS Conference Bridge services is a way for you to coordinate large groups of people into a conference call.

A user who can start and manage conferences is known as the moderator. CTS Telecom will provide the moderator with the following information:

  • moderator code for managing your conference
  • participant code to share with anyone who should join your conference

Be sure to keep the moderator code secure to prevent unauthorized use of your service.

When you schedule a conference bridge call, you must provide the access telephone number and participant code to each person involved in the call. If you are interested in this service, contact our Service Operations department at 269-746-4411.



  1. Begin the conference call by dialing the conference access telephone number, 269-438-9100.
  2. Enter your moderator code
  3. Depending on how your account was set up, it may ask you to enter your billing telephone number, followed by #.
  4. Speak your name clearly and press #


  • Check who is currently on the call
  • Mute yourself
  • Mute and unmute participants' phones as needed through the moderator web interface
  • Lock the conference so no further participants can join
  • Start or stop recording of the call
  • Remove a participant from the conference
  • Exit the conference but leave it running (soft exit)
  • End the conference

Using the Telephone Interface

Press the following codes (star followed by a number) for the given features:

*2 - Moderator Mute/Unmute

*3 - Lock/Unlock Conference

  • You may lock the conference after all expected participants have joined and you'd like to ensure no unauthorized participants join the conference. Or perhaps you want only the first x number of participants to be allowed in. Pressing *3 a second time will unlock the meeting allowing additional participants to join.

*4 - Roll Call of Participants

  • Will play each of the recorded names of those logged in to the conference.

*5 - Participant Count

  • Will give the count of people in the conference, including the moderator.

*6 - Joining Announcements On/Off

  • A tone will sound to indicate someone joining or leaving the conference. You can choose to turn on this announcement to also play the recorded name of each person joining.

*7 - Name of Last Participant to Join

*8 - Recording On/Off

Hang Up - Ends Conference

Using the Web Interface

This web interface is for the moderator's use only. To enter, go to Enter both the participant and moderator codes to log in. You will see a number of features including seeing who is logged into the conference and recording the conference.



  1. Dial the conference access telephone number, 269-438-9100.
  2. Enter the participant code
  3. Speak your name clearly and press #


  • Mute yourself
  • Signal to the moderator that they want to contribute
  • Exit the conference


  • If someone chooses to not record their name, there wouldn't be a recording to be played for their joining if that has been turned on. Additionally, if you do the roll call, it would not play a name for them. They would be included in the participant count.
  • If you have folks dialing in from outside of our area, you may want to consider purchasing a toll free number that points to the conference bridge. Contact our Service Operations department if you would like to add this to your service.