Downloading the MaX UC App

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Updated 4/5/21

The MaX UC app as shown in the Apple App Store on iPhone.

The following instructions walk you through setting up the MaX UC app on your devices. MaX UC is a softphone application used to take your work phone number everywhere you go. You need to have been given credentials by a CTS Service Operations Specialist. If you need or credentials or need this feature added to your line, call 269-746-4411.

MaX UC Mobile


  • Go to your cell phone or tablet's app store.
  • Search for MaX UC. If the app is available for your device, you will see an app by the developer Metaswitch available.
  • Download this app for free.

Log In

Depending on what device you are using to access this app, the first-time login steps may look different from device to device. One of the first questions you are asked is to find your provider from a list. We are listed as CTS Telecom Inc. Use the Log In Manually option to enter in your 10- digit telephone number (no dashes) and password. Be sure to give the application permissions as requested.

If you have any questions about this process, contact CTS at 269-746-4411.

Example when downloading MaX UC to a Windows computer.

MaX UC Desktop


  • Go to your
  • Log in with your 10-digit telephone number (no dashes) and password.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the bottom of the CommPortal window, and in the blue bar, under Support, you will find Downloads.
  • Choose to View Apps.
  • In the list of apps for your computer, choose MaX UC. To download, click the link in the middle of the screen listing the appropriate Windows or Mac OS option for your computer.
  • Download the install file and then run. Follow your computer's instructions to complete the process.
  • To log in, use the same 10-digit telephone number and password you used for the CommPortal.