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Call Park is a virtual hold that can be accessed by any phone in your VoIP system. On your desk phones, there are buttons programmed that allow you to access these Park Orbits for parking and retrieving these parked calls. If you are working remotely using the Max UC app, you can still use call park, there is just a different procedure, which is detailed below.

The screenshots below may not exactly match what your company has configured. If you have any issues, contact CTS Service Operations at 269-746-4411 or sos@ctstelecom.com.

Max UC Desktop


Enable Call Park

Before using Call Park, you must enable it in Max UC Desktop. Log in, go to Tools > Options.

A new window will open. Select Calls and you should see a checkbox next to Enable Call Park. Check the box.

Close out of the window. Call Park is now enabled. Now when you go to Tools, you should see a new Call Park option below Options.

Parking an Active Call


When in an active call, click the button that has a phone and the letter P. That will open the Call Park window.

The Call Park window will show however many park orbits are assigned to your business group/department.


To park a call, hover over to the right of the orbit you would like to use, and click the Park Call Here button.

Once parked, your call will be disconnected and the button will turn green and now say Pick Up Call instead.

Picking Up a Parked Call


If the Call Park window isn't already open, go to Tools > Call Park. The Call Park Window will be open and you should see a green button next to a call park orbit that has a call on hold.

Click the green button to take the call off of park.

Max UC Mobile

If your company does a lot of parking of calls, it is recommended to use Max UC Desktop instead of Max UC Mobile. Call Park is available on Max UC Mobile, but has limitations.

The screenshots below were taken on an Samsung/Android phone. Different phone models and configurations could change your display.

Parking an Active Call


In an active call, press the Add/Transfer button.

Go to the dialer, and enter *94 along with the number of the orbit you'd like to park the call to. For example, if I wanted to park the call on Park 10, I would enter *9410, and then send the call.


You will hear a woman's voice confirming that you are parking the call on Park 10. To complete the transfer, hit the transfer button a second time and the call will be on park.

NOTE: There is no way to tell ahead of time if the park orbit you want to put a call onto already has a call or not. If you attempt to park a call on an orbit that already has a parked call, your transfer will fail.

Picking Up a Parked Call

Go to the dialer, and dial *95 along with the orbit you'd like to park the call to. For example, if the parked call is on Park Orbit 10, call to *9510.

The parked call will be connected once the call connects.