Poly Phone Headset Compatibility

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There are a number of different headsets that are compatible with the Poly phones CTS installs. While CTS does not sell or support headsets, we would like to share some tools that can assist with choosing and implementing headsets for your business. There are sometimes special accessories, like a specific electronic hookswitch (EHS) cable that is needed to allow the headset and desk phone to communicate properly.

Plantronics has a great resource that shares known compatible headsets that work with Poly phones. If a headset does not appear on this list, it doesn't mean that it won't work with your phone, however, it has not been documented. It also gives specific accessory and setup information needed for compatible headsets.

Example when searching for the Poly VVX 450.

When you visit the site, type your phone model (e.g. VVX450, VVX411, etc) in the center field, labeled Device or Host Name. When you search, it will list known options from all brands below.

You could also instead choose to search for a specific headset or manufacturer if you prefer.

If you have any questions related to headset compatibility, contact CTS at 269-746-4411.